My dad turned 59 today. Congratulations! Next time I’m home we’ll be making this:

Tarte tatin

Cox’s apples: 5 pc
Butter: 100 gr
Sugar (Castor): enough
Puff pastry

1. Pre-heat the oven to 200ºC
2. Roll out the pastry approx. 3mm thick and cut into a circle big enough to cover the base of the plate with a 2cm overlap to allow for a ‘crust’
3. Peel, core and cut the apples in half
4. Melt the butter in a suitable (glass) plate, sprinkle sugar royally, and keep stirring until a caramel is formed.
5. Arrange the apple halves in a circular fashion and place the plate in the oven.
6. Carefully cover with the pastry round and tuck in the edges, bake at 200ºC for approximately 20 minutes : until the pastry has risen and turned golden brown
7. Remove from oven and ensure that the pastry has not stuck to the sides and the caramel is fully formed
8. Turn upside down onto a serving plate, the pastry is served as the base and the apples should be sitting on it all wonderfully caramelised and arranged. So before lifting the pan ensure the apples are not stuck to the pan.

Enjoy and bon appetit!

Kees and Julia are married!

Hi all

Last saturday, August 26th 2006, I attended the wedding of Kees and Julia in Bonhomme, France. What can I say? All was beautiful. Erik (Kees’ brother) said it was “een pittoresk, bijna Anton Pieck-achtig plaatsje”. It was a perfect wedding in a perfect setting.

It was also my first time as best man. Didn’t know what it meant or what consequences it would have. Well, I still feel important and a little responsible, though they only needed my signature.

After the ceremony they had arranged a small, intimate party with family and close friends. Lots of very nice vegetarian dishes, wine, beer and entertainment made the evening wonderfull. Warm feelings all over when I think back to it. I know it’s a one-time-only party (or so it should be), but these kind of parties, well, I would like to enjoy them a little more often.

Kees and Julia, we here at wish you the best of luck!