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My name is Jannes van ‘t Oever. I’m a skilled bridge player, teacher and publisher living in Den Bosch, the Netherlands. I’ve been playing bridge for more than 20 years now. I’ve participated in several national (Dutch) as well as international events. My international experience ranges from Junior (World) Championships in Poland, to various tournaments in Great Britain, France, Austria, Belgium and National events in the US.

For several years I have taught numerous aspects of bridge to both beginners as well as experienced players for SBC Dombo in Utrecht, The Netherlands. 

You can hire me for the following services:

1. Training
Beginner: In a series of lessons I will teach you the basics of bidding and playing. I will explain sensible bidding in a way that’s easy to understand and apply. With instructive deals I will clarify various aspects of both bidding and playing. Course material will be provided.

Advanced: I will examine your (partnership’s) weak and strong points, so in a couple of lessons your game will improve. With instructive deals and open discussion
I will polish your system and agreements to tournament level play.

2. Lecture
Expert: In my talk of at most two hours I will cover one aspect of expert play/defence/bidding. All topics will be illustrated with examples and anecdotes. My lectures are suitable to arrange during, or in advance of your regular club night.
Some topics I can cover:

  • Viking Precision – Overview
  • Hand evaluation
  • Vulnerable/non-vulnerable: When to act
  • Squeezes
  • Other lectures upon request

3. Play
I will play your system (SAYC, 2/1, Precision) and signalling methods in public or private tournaments. Instructions during the session upon request. Full account of bidding, play and defence will be given in less than 5 working days in written format.

Prices to be negotiated, depending on time, level and location.

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